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4x01 - Lazarus Rising
4x02 - Are You There God? It´s Me, Dean Winchester
4x03 - In The Beginnig
4x04 - Matamorphosis
4x05 - Monster Movie
4x06 - Yellow Fever
4x07 - It´s the Great Pumpkim
4x08 - Wishful Thinking
4x09 - I Know What You Did Last Summer
4x10 - Heaven and Hell
4x11 - Family Reamins
4x12 - Criss Angel Is A Douchebag
4x13 - After School Special
4x14 - Sex and Violence
4x15 - Death Takes a Holiday
4x16 - On The Head Of a Pin
4x17 - It´s A Terrible Life
4x18 - The Moster At The End of This Book
4x19 - Jump The Shark
4x20 - The Rapture
4x21 - When The Levee Breaks
4x22 - Lucifer Rising (final)

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